Nick and nora

I am married to a wonderful woman named Nora Krohn. She has inspired me and challenged me in the best ways. Over the years living in Queens, we've created two projects together.

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New york string studio

At our home studio in Queens, we teach viola and violin in a fun, compassionate setting where students' innate curiosity and desire to communicate power their musical exploration. Equally nurturing and challenging, we offer lessons that enable students to succeed in all musical settings, free from physical discomfort, and to enjoy a lifelong connection to music.



Tips n' treats

The New York String Studio's fun yet informative videos help students through typical struggles with practicing and learning music. 

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folie à deux

Named for the psychological condition of mutual delusion, pioneering viola duo Folie à Deux explores the full spectrum of dialogue between two equal voices that conflict, mirror, converge, and fracture from one moment to the next. With repertoire spanning the late Renaissance to the ultra-contemporary, the pair brings its spirited sensibility to a variety of musical forms and genres. Their vision is to further the imaginative scope of the ensemble by commissioning composers and composing original works.

"...charismatic..." -Queens Tribune

"...very dynamic and talented..." -American Composers Forum


Folie à Deux

These are a collection of some of our favorite works for two violas recorded by Folie à Deux.