Released on Centaur Records January 2019

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Letters to My Future Self (Centaur Records), my debut album of all original works will take you on a musical journey through the inside of my mind. This self-produced, self-composed, and self-recorded collection breaks preconceived notions of what a viola can do in a constantly-morphing soundscape of styles and genres. Some of the tracks are layered improvisations, while others are fully notated compositions (some of which I’ve also published). Aside from a few digital instruments, all of the sounds were created only with the viola, because let’s be honest, everything sounds better on viola.

While letters are typically messages sent through space, from point A to point B, mine are traveling through time, toward my own future self as a reminder that I have a voice worth hearing. Huge thanks to my cousin Jan de Hoog for his painting, which comprises the cover art. Big props to Rozhan Razman at Riro Muzik for helping bring my musical ideas to life on the digital end. Gratitude to my wife Nora Krohn, and friends Hamilton Berry and David Veslocki for making cameos. And lastly, thank YOU for listening.

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“CT’s Own Concerts” Sunday October 20th, 4:00p in the Brubeck Room presented by the Wilton Library

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With the help of a microphone and speakers, a powerful audio program, and intricately programmed auto-triggering loops and live-processing, I’ve transformed the album into a solo show filled with wild textures and layers you've never heard before. Contact me for booking.

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