In Daydream (2017)

Winner of the 52nd Annual Indiana State University Music Now Call for Scores, In DayDream was commissioned by David Veslocki; guitarist, improviser, and producer, with the world premiere at his Carnegie Weill Hall Debut on April 10, 2017. The tone of the classical guitar always inspires me to daydream. In this programatic piece, the viola and the guitar visit many different places, interacting as two facets of the same creature/thought, often times soaring, laughing, jumping, or arguing with each other. In DayDream appears on my debut solo album Letters to My Future Self released January 4th, 2019 on Centaur Records.

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DotDash (2017) for string quartet

In early 2017 I had a strong emotional reaction to the Trump Administration's attempt to limit free press. I wanted to create a piece sprinkled with secret messages that could be decoded as a form of retaliation. Morse Code came to mind, so I started transcribing sharp, cutting phrases about Trump into rhythms and embedding them into the music. DotDash appears on my debut solo album Letters to My Future Self released January 4th, 2019 on Centaur Records.

Static Link (2015)

Static Link was commissioned by the Talent Education Suzuki School in 2015. I wanted to write a piece that would allow students to explore sounds on their instruments that would not normally be covered in their lessons or group classes, essentially creating a brand new musical experience for them. These extended techniques, inspired by nature sounds, combine to create unique atmospheres. At the time of writing, I was deeply concerned (and still am) about the state of the environment on our tiny planet and only home.


Savannah Starlight (2014)

Savannah Starlight was commissioned for the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Talent Education Suzuki School in 2014. It was premiered at Norwalk City Hall for the Mayor, other notable community members, and a full house in the annual play-down Celebration Concert on Saturday March 14, 2015.

The "Savannah" of the title references physically irresistible African polyrhythmic grooves. If done right, the music makes you dance! The “Starlight” refers to the keystone of the Suzuki songbook, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” which is the basis for the melodic and harmonic content.


Vatapá (2013)

Vatapá is a signature Brazilian dish made from bread, shrimp, coconut milk, ground peanuts, and palm oil, mashed into a creamy delicious paste and usually served over white rice. This short piece, commissioned by the Talent Education Suzuki School in 2013, borrows rhythms and harmonies from Bossa Nova and Samba, the musical flavor of Brazil.


Energy (2013) for 2 violas

Originally for violin and viola, Energy was arranged for my contemporary viola duo, Folie à Deux, for 2 violas. This piece has been performed at the Stone, Fat Cat, Wilton Library's "CT's Own" in the Brubeck Room, numerous house concerts, and Turtle Bay Music School's Artist Series.

Broken lines (2010) for viola quartet

Broken Lines (2010) for viola quartet was commissioned by the New York Viola Society and was premiered on May 2, 2010 at the annual Collegiate Concert at Christ and St. Stevens on 59th Street in New York City. The sound of the viola is so distinctive and curious that four together can have a rich tonal palette or blend perfectly together. I later arranged it for string quartet and received many performances with PUBLIQuartet.