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Norwalk Youth Chamber Ensembles

Norwalk Youth Chamber Ensembles (NYCE) is a youth chamber music program focused on string quartet music and improvisation run by professional chamber musician, soloist, composer, and educator, Nick Revel. NYCE's mission is to cultivate creativity, confidence, self-expression, and leadership in students through chamber music. The program is a fully independent organization. If you, your student, or your child are a middle/high school-aged violinist, violist, or cellist at Suzuki book 6 (or equivalent), we would love to have you!

Basic Information

  • Chamber groups meet every Thursday afternoon (except holidays) from September-June at St. Paul's on the Green in Norwalk.

  • Coachings are one-hour long. Students work directly with Nick Revel or special guests.

  • The year is divided into two semesters of 18-19 weeks, 60-minutes each. Tuition is paid per semester.

  • Mandatory chamber music recitals take place three times per year: November, April, and June.

  • Extra performance opportunities may emerge (senior center, receptions, conferences, conventions, etc..)

  • Interested students or their parents should contact Nick Revel to request more information, availability, and an audition. Contact me

Watch Past performances

Fun Facts about My chamber students

  • I have formed and coached 5 different ensembles consisting of over 20 students through the course of 7 years

  • My chamber students have performed in over 40 different recitals and gigs collectively

  • They have performed works of 17 different composers, including arrangements of popular video-game musics, and 2 original world-premieres by students playing within the ensembles.