Areté Venue in Greenpoint BK 1/11/19, 8:30pm $20 at the door, Complimentary wine!

I’m a violist, composer, improviser, and producer. Come celebrate the release of my debut album on Centaur Records of all-original compositions, layered improvisations, and sound-designs! Letters to My Future Self will take you on a musical journey through the inside of my mind. This self-produced, self-composed, and self-recorded collection breaks preconceived notions of what a viola can do in a constantly-morphing soundscape of styles and genres.

Special guests include Hamilton Berry, Trifecta Trio, and David Veslocki.


Sneak peek of some tunes:



My very first experiment with Ableton live auto-triggering loops and samples. It’s an exciting blend of classical, blue-grass, electronic, and improvised sounds.


The auto-sample programming under the hood on this one is insane and I probably should have spent the time on other things….but now that I can perform this track from my album Letters to My Future Self I actually think it was worth it!

A Dream within a Dream

This semi-structured improvisation uses live-sampled harmonics that repeat at different rates, creating new configurations and layers of sound each cycle. I was inspired by A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe. 


This was the first piece I made with my DPA d:vote4099 instrument microphone. It’s the most versatile instrument mic there is, packing a rich juicy sound, and cancelling extraneous noises.


Secret of the forest

This tune was originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Chrono Trigger (SNES) was one of my favorite games growing up, and still holds a special place in my heart. The soundtrack was at the time revolutionary, the first to really use jazz harmonies and melodies. I had a lot of fun, recording, editing, and mixing this arrangement. Video by Roman Khomlyak More 4K videos at 4K Relaxation Channel.


Manoria cathedral

This is another Chrono Trigger song and was recorded in St. Paul's on the Green, Norwalk CT. This was one of my first dives into video editing, and I learned so much about layering, masks, lighting, and blurring effects. 


Endless Beautiful

Spreading "viola-vision" world-wide
What the heck is viola-vision? You'll have to listen to Endless Beautiful to find out. I was a featured guest on this wonderful interactive podcast centered around creating art while listening to soundscapes. Every episode contains a 15-minute soundscape created by the hosts. Listeners are encourage to draw, write, sculpt, or compose something in real time during the listening along with the hosts and guest. Listen to the episode and experience viola-vision for yourself through my on-the-spot creation here!